K2000r Display Dim?

Mark Pulver mpulver at midiwall.com
Mon Jun 9 14:39:21 CEST 1997

I think this may be Deja Vu' in general, but not in specific.

After having the gear packed up for a couple of months, and been moved
around a bit, I plugged everything in yesterday and I swear that the
display on my K2000r used to be MUCH more readable. 

The LCD didn't spring a leak, and all the pixels are lit, it seems that the
backlight has REALLY gotten dim. The issue is not with the contrast.

So... Something happened. Any ideas folks? Is the inverter a part of this
LCD panel or is it separate? I figure that the problem lies there somewhere...

As well, is it my imagination or did someone here once say that they had
succesfully replaced the display with the (blue?) one from the K2500? If I
have to replace the display, would this be the better route to take? ie, is
the K2500 display more readable or "better" in general?

Thanks all;

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