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Troy wrote:

>I was thinking of building a box that had 2 or 3 of the most expensive,
>silky-smooth pots I could possilby find.  The 2 or 3 pots could be
>assigned to any MIDI controller # and the whole box could be set to any
>MIDI channel.  It would take MIDI IN data and merge it with the controller
>data generated by tweaking the pots.  This way, you can record knob tweaks
>on your sequencer.
>Building it would be just a matter of aa AD converter, a serial interface
>and some logic...

Great idea. But, I think you'd need some way of only sending MIDI when the 
pot's position changes (Maybe something on the output of the ADC, compares 
old and new values...). Otherwise you'd have this steady torrent of 
controller data, most of which would be redundant.

Just my 0.0002p :)

Just thought of another 0.0002p. How silky are those digital encoder pots 
you can get? They're probably REALLY expensive though...

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