Mikko Helin MHELIN at
Mon Jun 2 12:13:10 CEST 1997

>What kind of a joke is this? I have had my own little mishaps with
>Soundmangler MIDI.. Basically, its not midi at all.. I dont think that MOST
>sound card midi is true midi at all! I think that the true midi bandwidth
>and protocol isnt supported fully. When i first got a PC, i could NEVER
>understand why the damn sequences would be slowing down, then speeding up
>all the time and some parts seemed a little slow... Low and behold, it was

That's problem with all midi cards that haven't got FIFOs (in output, as in input
there are more usual), as every time you have a dense midi data output, 
the processor must wait until output port is empty and ready to receive next 
byte to send. Decent midi cards have at least 16 byte fifo 16550 uarts; 
I've been recently thinking how an eight port PC parallel port midi out only 
thing with 2kbyte fifos and 6402 uarts could be put together. There is the eight 
port thing from Key Electronics (MIDIATOR MP-128SP, $179, with SMPTE,, which seems quite good one, if you dislike to build a diy one.


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