Synching a Vortex?

Arnim X. Sauerbier arnims at
Fri Jan 31 00:06:48 CET 1997

Hi folks!

Not a synth question, but a musical DIY topic nonetheless:

I've got a Lexicon Vortex (worth the $149 sale price IMHO).  It lets the 
user set delay times by tapping a 'delay/tap' button twice.  The box has 
no MIDI interface, but I'd like to sync the delays to my MIDI sequences!

I was thinking of the following hack:  use one of the outputs of my drum 
machine as a click, then build some kind of circuit that closes the 
contact of the 'tap' switch whenever a voltage peak (from the drum 
machine) is detected.  

What would such a circuit look-like?  Perhaps a transistor that triggers 
a relay that closes the 'tap' button?

What would you do?  Any other solutions that wouldn't involve using-up an 
output on my Drumstation?  

Thanks!  Sorry for my glaring ignorance.

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