Enough about MIDI, already!

Duane R Balvage dbalvage at ptdcs2.intel.com
Thu Jan 30 22:00:55 CET 1997

> WeAreAs1 at aol.com wrote:
> > But - I definately agree with you about this "MIDI isn't fast enough"
> > discussion.  Boring. And ultimately, pointless.
> > [...] when they get around to improving the digital communication
> > spec, it will probably be five times cooler than you could have
> > possibly imagined.  Until then, get back to making music, OK? 
> Perhaps you would be better suited by a list other than synth-diy.  
> May I suggest <general-midi at aol.com>?
i agree with eli here. after all, who is 'they'? aren't 'they' dependant 
upon, if not influenced by, if not the same entity as us? if synth-diy 
can't be springboard for new ideas, then let me know and i'll start my own 
mailing list....


--Steve Pescatore
pescator at rtp.dg.com

     I already replied to Eli in private mail about this ... now, since

  there are still people out there that STILL don't get it ... PLEASE -


  End of quote, end of discussion. I would rather not have changes made -

  it would make our old gear (that we all seem to love) OBSOLETE! I knew

  that MIDI would cause a lot of people to end up with more equipment than

  talent, but THIS IS RIDICULOUS! What do you want next, the keyboard to

  write the song for you? Personally, I've heard enough ripped-off drumbeats,

  basslines and the like in several music genres for one lifetime. (we won't

  point fingers or name names ...) This was all made possible by samplers

  and MIDI. New ideas are great! I have yet to see one in this ludicrous,

 pointless argument. Most people (musicians) have no trouble with MIDI,

  and find this thread tiring and banal. So, GET OFF IT! Go back to your

  x0x - infested excuse for music and whining. The rest of us will continue 

  to create music, not excuses.

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