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Thu Jan 30 05:02:59 CET 1997

> On Wed, 29 Jan 1997, J.D. McEachin wrote:
> > Bingo!  Most analog polysynths are woefully underpowered (and some
> > digital, like the D50/D550, where the LFOs slow down under heavy MIDI
> > load!).  Usually it's compounded by bad software design.  We've sped up the
> > JP6's MIDI response considerably just by writing a more efficient MIDI
> > message state machine and giving interrupt priority to note data. 
> I got a D-50 with the M*EX upgrade, which includes the "Speed-system" 
> upgrade. You get a new crystal with the upgrade, so I suspect they speed 
> up the clock-rate the MIDI-interface runs at, and they probably tweaked 
> the software as well. Now I have no problems, but then the D-50 doesn't 
> use controllers much and it isn't multitimbral, so...
> On the other hand, modifying parameters in real-time via sys-ex seems to 
> work fine (each sys-ex message is 11 bytes).

It doesn't on other instruments, however... specifically, doing
real-time SYSEX on the Oberheim Matrix 1000 can result in delays due to
the processing power of the Matrix 1000, not due to the speed of MIDI!

In general, MIDI is fine as long as I have multiple MIDI ports to work
with. I don't tend to care as much about the speed with only one or two
instruments hooked up to each port - controllers seem to respond just
fine, and I don't tend to broadcast SYSEX messages (except to the Juno
106 sliders, which respond pretty well to them)...

I don't think faster MIDI is needed except in specialty situations, such
as heavy SYSEX work. Then again, I'm just a hobbyist musician. (: My

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