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Thu Jan 30 02:29:36 CET 1997

hekr at sn.no (Henning Kristiansen) wrote:

<< Roland invented MIDI... right?... >>

Wrong.  Sequential Circuits did.  MIDI was based on a proposal by SCI's Dave
Smith.  The spec in his original proposal was based on the serial protocol
that SCI used in the Rev 3.1/3.2/3.3 Prophet Fives and Tens.  The final MIDI
spec was a collaboration between (mostly) SCI's and Roland's engineers.  The
final MIDI protocol looks very similar to the Prophet Five data upon which it
was based. 

But - I definately agree with you about this "MIDI isn't fast enough"
discussion.  Boring. And ultimately, pointless.  The spec will change when
there is a real, all-encompassing need for it to change.  The need will be
obvious to the general public, not just to a bunch of controller-happy
pocket-protector-wearing geeks.  Frankly, that need simply isn't there yet.
 And believe me - the impetus for the change will not be a need for more
throughput for continuous controller and sysex data.  It will be a need to be
able to run digital audio (and maybe even video) down one common bus, in real

BTW, Kurzweil has been working on such a protocol.  I think you can get info
about at their web site:  www.kurzweil.com   I imagine that similar research
is going on at several companies.   The most important thing to remember is
that a spec is useless, unless it can really take hold in the marketplace.
 All of the manufacturers know this, and all of their R&D takes this heavily
into consideration.

You guys should have a little faith in companies such as Roland.  They really
do know what they're doing, and when they get around to improving the digital
communication spec, it will probably be five times cooler than you could have
possibly imagined.  Until then, get back to making music, OK?

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