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Wed Jan 29 18:14:54 CET 1997

      Hi, guys -

      I hate to be a pain, but all this whining about MIDI not being fast enough

  is not getting anywhere. Most people are fine with it's capabilities/

  limitations (myself included). I don't know what some of you are doing,

  but I hate being pigeonholed into the "ameteur" sector. I have been using

  MIDI since 1986 (yes, over 10 years), and have yet to run into any of

  the problems some of you are trying to suggest. C'mon - get real ...

  a "noticeable" delay from 8 note-on messages? At what speed ... 220bpm?

    I own some synths from the dawn of the MIDI spec (original DX7, SixTrak)

  and these I'm sure are probably the SLOWEST machines to respond to MIDI,

  and, even sending CC data along with note data hasn't caused timing problems.

  The ONLY machine I ever had timing problems with was a DR-550 being triggered

  by an alesis HR-16b - I suspect that the DR-550 was taking too long to 

  process the note data (it lagged behind the beat consistently).

    My suggestion is this - if MIDI is such a pain, try going back to when

  there was NO protocol except CV/GATE. If MIDI is such a limitation, go back

  to playing MANUALLY ... I doubt most of you who are whining the loudest

  could do anywhere close to what your sequencers and the like are doing


   Just because I haven't had problems with MIDI and have a Casio (FZ-1),

  does NOT make me an ameteur ....  :p

   I'm not trying to cause problems, I'm just sick of the whining. It's

  like listening to audiophiles whining about the "inferior" sound quality

  of CD's. (yeah, bring back viynl ..<chk> viynl.. <chk ...POP!> and $2500

  turntables ... GET REAL, PEOPLE!)

          I am getting down off my soapbox now. OUCH!

                                   thanks for listening -

                                          - Duane
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