Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Wed Jan 29 16:05:03 CET 1997

> The bandwidth problems of MIDI were known from day 1.   Continuous 
> controller and sysex data just compounded the problem.  Nowadays everyone 
> wants their sounds to be continuously changing, whereas in the olden-days 
> little more than key-on/off information was required.
> To 'override' MIDI would make no sense with commercial instruments - 
> you'd need to design an entire new interface. 
> The standard solution is to parallelize where possible - i.e. get a 
> multi-output MIDI box on your sequencer/computer and run one cord to each 
> instrument/effect - do not daisy-chain them.  Of course, this will not 
> solve the problem of sending too much continuous controller data to one 
> instrument.

   This would be a better solution.  I'm very surprized that no one has 
come up with this solution, but I think it'd work wonders and still be 
backwards compatible:  Why not use an 8 or 9 pin DIN plug instead of a 
5-pin?  The extra pins could be used to send data in parallel to the main 
MIDI line.  Interfacing with old MIDI gear would be a snap.  Just use a 
5-pin DIN cable.  For new devices, use the 8 or 9 pin version.  I'll let 
someone else come up with a better protocol.  :)
   Personally, I think this solution falls under the "duh" category.


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