Colin Fraser colinf at ei.csg.mot.com
Wed Jan 29 12:24:05 CET 1997

Sorry to disagree with your first post, but I find the raw
speed/slowness of MIDI a real pain.
At 31.25 kBaud, a 3 byte midi message takes 0.96ms. 
I find that as few as 8 simultaneous note-ons on different channels will
cause a long enough delay to be perceptible.

As a solution, I intend to add a Centronics parallel interface to my
midi-cv convertor.
Once I work out how a parallel port midi interface works on a PC, I will
modify my convertor to appear to the PC as such a device, and hopefully
improve the timing no end.


>From: 	Karl Helmer Torvmark[SMTP:karlto at invalid.ed.unit.no]
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>Subject: 	Re: OVERRIDING M.I.D.I.
>This is my first post on synth-diy.
>In my opinion, the raw speed of MIDI is not the biggest problem.
>On most instruments, the delay from the synth receives the MIDI message 
>to it emits a sound is a bigger problem. This compounds when the synth
>receives a lot of messages at once. The synth manufacturers try to 
>minimize costs, and they choose a processor that can JUST carry the load 
>(of course they try to wry as much polyphony out of it as possibe).
>This is of course a non-issue if you have an analog synth connected with 
>a MIDI to CV-converter with enough processing power.
>Karl H.

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