Formant Synth Schematics

Tony Clark clark at
Wed Jan 29 05:15:29 CET 1997

> I'm planning on building a Formant myself so I needed some instructions.  
> I contacted the Elektor back-issues office here in the UK where they are 
> able to put together photocopies of all the Formant articles from the 
> original magazines.  The cost is about 20 UKP and you can order with a 
> credit card over the 'phone.
> I placed an order (yesterday) and should receive it shortly.
> The 'phone number is:	+44 1305 250995
> Hope this is of some use.
> Peter Cooke
> pec at

   Um, why did you order the book?  I don't have the URL handy, but 
someone on the list has done a wonderful job of compiling all the 
information about the Formant in two giant zip files.  It contains full 
documentation on building the Formant plus contains circuit schematics, 
PCB layouts and panel layouts.  It even includes fairly well written 
"theory" of operation.
   The only complaint I have is that you'll need a good picture editor.  
The zip file contains TONS of gifs and most have to be resized to some 
extent to be printed properly on normal paper (at least with the printer 
I have access to).  My wish would be that someone would put all the 
information into PDF files.  :)  I haven't printed out the second portion 
of the Formant stuff, and I somewhat dread it.  Maybe I'll try not to 
pick a time when all the students are trying to print out their lab 
results!  ;)
   I'll post the URL tomorrow if no one else does.


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