Formant Synth Schematics

PEC at CKS-HQ.MHS.CompuServe.COM PEC at CKS-HQ.MHS.CompuServe.COM
Tue Jan 28 15:53:57 CET 1997


I'm planning on building a Formant myself so I needed some instructions.  

I contacted the Elektor back-issues office here in the UK where they are 
able to put together photocopies of all the Formant articles from the 
original magazines.  The cost is about 20 UKP and you can order with a 
credit card over the 'phone.

I placed an order (yesterday) and should receive it shortly.

The 'phone number is:	+44 1305 250995

Hope this is of some use.

Peter Cooke
pec at

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