Warning: Using 1/4" jacks on ASM-1 faceplate

Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Mon Jan 27 00:48:40 CET 1997

> I've found that the unenclosed Switchcraft jacks, C-11 and
> thereabouts, are higher quality in the sense that their contacts are
> much thicker metal and they grip the plug more securely.  They are
> also less expensive than the enclosed jacks.  Their mounting spacing
> requirements are a little different.
>   -- Don

   Cost isn't much of a factor to me.  I was more interested in just 
plain contact isolation.  :)  I find that the jacks hold phono plugs well 
enough.  It's not like they are going to wobble out or that I'm going to 
try to suspend myself from a ceiling from them.  :)  Individual 
preferences apply here, and I was only warning people who might consider 
using enclosed jacks.
   So, Chris, don't worry that you didn't account for everything, I got 
the problem solved, and that's really what counts.  However, on this new 
panel...don't make it too cramped, 'kay?


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