Op-Amps continued....

Sat Jan 25 00:15:51 CET 1997

Hi all,

With all this talk of op-amps, I decided to check some books out, and I 
wanted to pass along something I've found.  It's a really good text called
"Operational Amplifiers and Linear Circuits" by Robert F. Coughlin and
Frederick F. Driscoll.  The ISBN is 0-13-637850-1 and the call number is
TK-7871.58.06C68 Published by Prentice-Hall, Inc in 1977.  It is old, but
for those of us who like things well-explained (with less emphasis on the
math), this book fits the bill.  Op-amps are covered inside and out, as well
as timer circuits and multipliers.  A lot of the stuff is the same you'll 
find in any op-amp text, but the author leaves out the confusing things 
and in the process really gets the important concepts across.  Real world
complications are covered in the later chapters, after the basic theories
are covered.  I got this from the school's library, but you may get it 
through interlibrary loan.

My $0.02


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