Warning: Using 1/4" jacks on ASM-1 faceplate

Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Fri Jan 24 17:42:43 CET 1997

   Just a word of warning to anyone who might be using 1/4" jacks on 
their ASM-1 project.  I just received a good quantity of Switchcraft type 
112A enclosed jacks (really good quality, and not cheap!).  As I was 
mounting them, I discovered that the three holes for the noise outputs 
are too close together!  These as well as the VCA gain CV INs!
   Solution?  The switchcraft enclosed plugs have connectors on only half 
of the plastic enclosure.  Using a pair of cutters, I carefully cut away 
the half of the enclosure that was empty, being sure to leave the corners 
intact (as the jack uses the corners to keep the connectors in place).  
With two "half" jacks on the outside holes and an unmodified jack in the 
middle, my problem was solved.  :)


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Tony Clark -- clark at andrews.edu 

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