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>I have a couple of ideas, and no knowledge in how to build it... So I
>thought I'd toss them up here and get a feeling for the complexity.
>I have no idea on the practicality nor marketability of these ideas, but
>I've been kicked before. As such... "These ideas are Copyright 1997 by Mark
>Pulver, mpulver at"
>On another list, I was in the middle of a battle about a rack or keyboard
>version of a synth. The point that people kept bringing up about getting
>the key version is that the expression controls were cool.
>Well... I eventually found myself babbling out an idea about how, given the
>expression that's capable with a joystick, no one has done a standalone
>MIDI version of one. 2 or 3 axis, each axis assignable to a controller
>value with min and max values including negative. MIDI-IN, OUT and THRU so
>that you could merge in the stick data with anything else on the wire.
>Could be VERY cool. I think that they would sell quite well.

I have a Korg WaveStation that has a built in joystick.  Korg assigned
the X axis to controller 16 and the Y to 17.  It can be used
internally to control almost any aspect of the synth, but also spits
out MIDI messages.  And YES, it is VERY WAY cool!!!  I wrote a program
for a PC using an MPU-401 in UART mode that translates the controller
numbers from 16 & 17 to anything I want, including note, pitchwheel,
velocity, whatever.  So much fun and you can make some very strange
acoustic images...

-- Scott (Synthaholic AKA sPEW)

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