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Mark Pulver mpulver at
Thu Jan 23 10:39:18 CET 1997

I have a couple of ideas, and no knowledge in how to build it... So I
thought I'd toss them up here and get a feeling for the complexity.

I have no idea on the practicality nor marketability of these ideas, but
I've been kicked before. As such... "These ideas are Copyright 1997 by Mark
Pulver, mpulver at"


On another list, I was in the middle of a battle about a rack or keyboard
version of a synth. The point that people kept bringing up about getting
the key version is that the expression controls were cool.

Well... I eventually found myself babbling out an idea about how, given the
expression that's capable with a joystick, no one has done a standalone
MIDI version of one. 2 or 3 axis, each axis assignable to a controller
value with min and max values including negative. MIDI-IN, OUT and THRU so
that you could merge in the stick data with anything else on the wire.

Could be VERY cool. I think that they would sell quite well.

Then, I had an extension to that idea, something possibly more approachable.

What about a box that accepts RS-232 serial IN and spits MIDI out? Why?
Well, the first stop for this box would be for me to hookup an
off-the-shelf trackball or mouse and use it as a MIDI controller. 

The third idea is the logical offshoot of the second... A box that accepts
a standard PC joystick IN and spits MIDI out. Think of having one of those
massive Thrustmaster fighter-like joysticks with all of the buttons on the
stick as a controller. There are also the rudder pedals... and the airplane
like yokes...

If could be a TON of fun.

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