Dumb mistake.....

chrisc at metrics.co.uk chrisc at metrics.co.uk
Wed Jan 22 17:52:17 CET 1997

I've been making a dumb mistake with my VCF/VCA board........
I copied a circuit based on a 3080 using half a Lm13700 instead, and then 
bolted the diode pre-distortion matrix onto it. I can feen bias 
pre-distortion current in through the bias diodes on the 13700  instead. 
It's what they're there for. I only realised when I was going through the 
Penfold book. it'll save a bunch of BAT85's, and the hassle of matching them 
too. It's Rip up and Re-lay time though. Hopefully, as it'll simplify the 
circuit, it will make the rest of the circuit easier, especially as the 
other half of the 13700 is the VC Resonance controller.....

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