Techniks Inc. "Press 'N' Peel" warning

R.G. Keen keen at
Tue Jan 21 16:56:34 CET 1997

>I just got finished trying to SERVICE my printer, as the very 2nd P'N'P
>sheet that I tried using in the machine, became wrapped around a roller
>inside of the printer!  Wrapped around it!  There is absolutely no way that
>I can get it out, and I'm going to have to pay god knows how much money
>now, so that I can get it serviced!  
>The printer still prints ..... somehow sort of.  It doesn't realized it has
>an entire sheet of P'N'P wrapped around a roller.  But the P'N'P will
>absorb some of the printing, and reprint the printing onto whatever next
>sheets your printing!  :(

Perhaps this is a problem with this specific printer, or perhaps there
was a bit of toner-goop on the roller. I've run through two 20 sheet
packs and am now working on a 50sheet pack of PNP, with no stuck sheet
problems. I use an IBM Laserprinter 10P, though, and use the
straight-through paper path, so perhaps the differences in printers is

I did have one problem where the blue stuff was not adhered to a
portion of the sheet, and came off clear inside the printer. It's still
in there somewhere, but seems not to have affected the printer or
printing. When I called Techniks, they replaced the entire package, as
soon as I convinced them I really did know how to ues the stuff and it
was not a beginner's problem.

Your mileage may vary...

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