Saul Stokes n9540283 at
Sat Jan 18 08:53:12 CET 1997

Hi, quick question for a night hawk out there.  I'm building a slider 
control for my Lexicon Vortex.  According to the diagram in the manual a 
stereo cord should be hooked up to a 50k pot as follows:

                     I  I  I
Front view      sleeve tip ring   

The question is that I'm hooking it to a slider instead.  The pin out on 
the slider shows:

             2                        2
               1                    3

Could anyone tell me where the sleeve, tip, and ring would 
correspond on the slider? Is the red coated wire in the stereo cord the 
TIP?  Is the black the RING? And the SLEEVE the uncoated 
ground wire? I've tried every combination with no luck!

Thanks so much,


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