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Fri Jan 17 11:07:22 CET 1997

Hi guys,
     I've found a way of getting panels screenprinted really cheaply. I 
don't know about the rest of the planet, but in Britain you get a fair 
number of art/craft co-operatives. Our local one in Oxford has a print shop. 
It costs about twenty UKP for a months membership which gets you a couple of 
three-four hour sessions a week. there are other rates for hourly access and 
longer memberships too. But you have access to all the gear and 
advice/instruction you need. You have to either pay for ink or bring it 
yourself (you could do a big Moog 3P for a fivers worth of ink though) and 
the screens and photo-sensitive stuff for the screen will cost you about 3 
UKP a screen. But that's it, I reckon I'll be able to do the fifty or so 
panels I'm having made for about a pound each for the screen-printing. 
getting it done commercially will cost you about that for each design (I've 
got about twelve different panel designs to do ) just as a set-up charge, 
and then the printing comes on top of that. They reckon it'll take about an 
hour to prepare a screen to print, but a matter of minutes to do say ten 
panels in the design once it's done. I'm going to look at buying my own 
screens so that I can keep the designs and do it at home as well. The other 
thing they've got at the print co-op is a UV box about the size of a Mini. 
The car, not the synth BTW. You could probably do a Memorymoog on one board 
in that thing, and it's given me ideas about doing a poly-synth, as I could 
get tons of stuff onto one 14 inch by 10 inch board , and string the control 
interface on with 50w IDC connectors. It'll have to wait while I'm doing 
other things, but I know where the gear to do it is now....
     One last thing, and it's off-topic I know, and I apologise. Does anyone 
know where I can get an Atari editor/librarian for a Obie Matrix-6 from. 
I've just swapped my Mono-Poly for one, and although I've got 1100 sounds 
for it they're all in 100 sound SYSEX.MID banks. I can squirt them in from 
Cubase, but I have no control. programming it from the front-panel is 
possible, but it's a pain, and it's hard to keep in your head what the 
Mod-matrix is doing etc. Website is easiest, or FTP or postage (I'll pay) or 
even buy a commercial one like Dr T's editor.....

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