anyone got a **keyboard assembly** from a (dead?) JUNO-106?

DJMaytag djmaytag at
Thu Jan 16 23:51:06 CET 1997

i need to put a new keyboard assembly in my JUNO-60 and i want to put in an
assembly from a JUNO-106 cuz it's got some sort of rubber switch contact
that feels better to me than the normal wire contact in the JUNO-60's
keyboard. i did some checking on it and the keyboards are the same, the bus
system is the same (8x8), the dimensions are the same. the only differences
are the switch vs. wire contact and possibly the wire connector at the ends
to the PC boards.

so if anyone out there has any info on doing this or knows where i can get a
good condition keyboard assembly out of a dead JUNO-106, please email me.


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