2600 repair suggestions needed

Mark Pulver mpulver at wwa.com
Thu Jan 16 06:25:54 CET 1997

>>When my 2600 S&H failed, I decided it was time to take on the task.
>>I replaced the LM301s w/ LF411s, and clipped the comp caps (on the end of
>>each opamp, between pins 1 and 8, not needed because the 411 is internally
>Are there any other alternatives to the LF411 because I went to both a local
>electronics surpluss place AND a new electronics shop and neither had the
>LF411.  If there are any alternatives, please let me know.  Either that or
>tell me where a good place to order LF411's.

I *JUST* went through this...

The LF411 (and the dual version the 412) is a full production National
Semiconductor part. It's carried by Mouser, DigiKey, Jameco, etc, but may
NOT be carried by your local folks just cause it's cheaper for them to
stock the junk 741's.

Mouser doesn't list the part in their current catalog, but call 'em - (800)
346-6873 -, they have it. Be careful with DigiKey... They list the part,
but don't get confused (like I did!) and think that $6.30 is a normal cost
for one of these. I was looking at the mil-spec part number. A real cost
for the LF411 is about $1.50 and the LF412 is about $1.60...

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