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Chris Crosskey chrisc at zetnet.co.uk
Wed Jan 15 20:47:30 CET 1997

To synth-DIY re: Penfold Book

On Friday 10th Jan sbrekelm at eciad.bc.ca exploded in delight by saying

Does RA Penfold write a book about synthes?  Sorry, I'm new to this list, 
and noticed "penfold" in passing, reminding me of a book "Electronic 
projects for MIDI musicians" or some such..  Is this the same author?

Yep the same guy, he did a little book of synth circuits in the same
format as his MIDI books. Theyre all simple discrete component jobs, and
everything important has a PCB foil too. It's out of print and Babani
have no plans to re-print. I started scanning it today, the OCR at work
is a bit flaky, but it should be done fairly soon

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