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Wed Jan 15 19:49:18 CET 1997

At 1:23 PM 1/15/97, Xyplex2 at wrote:
>   I do need to buy a new CD and was wondering if any of you put out a cd?
>       Music that has custom built instruments sounds interesting to me.
>                     I like Merzbow.
>                             Is there any of you with a cd of your modular's?

Me, me, me! :)  It even has some Merzbow-like moments, and a custom
instrument (albeit an acoustic one built by an 8-year-old child).  Check
out for details and reviews.

One track uses a Moog modular as source material, although it's heavily

"This is digitally conceived New-Pagan vomit.  And I've never tasted vomit
this good." --yet another review of my CD, this time in _Sonar Map_

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