Midi Specs for THEREMIN

John Speth johns at oei.com
Wed Jan 15 17:46:01 CET 1997

At 08:50 PM 1/15/97 +0000, you wrote:
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>Imagine this: A theremin that can be used as a MIDI controller. What I
>am asking for from some kind and benevolent soul in this newsgroup is
>the schematics for incorporating MIDI in what is basically a CV unit. If
>at all possible I would also like anyones' personal opinions about doing
>this (ie. can it be done?).
>Thank you in advance...
>David Pattee
>dpattee at magi.com

I year ago I bought a PAIA theremin and I wanted to get a feel for just how
applicable a theremin would be as a MIDI controller.  I don't think it's
practical to use one if what you're looking for is a note on/note off
controller.  The nature of your average theremin is that it produces two
continuously variable "things", amplitude voltage and pitch.  I liken it to
a continuously bowed violin which has no easily defined attack and decay
versus a piano which does.  I think a theremin would be useful as a
controller of one of the MIDI continuous controller messages but would be
only marginally useful for note on/note off.

Big Briar has been making theremins for years now and, from what I've
heard, they've opted out of putting MIDI into their theremins for this and
other reasons.

John Speth (johns at oei.com)
Object Engineering, Inc.
Vancouver, WA

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