I've moved...

Josh Brandt brandt at fishes.ultra.net
Tue Jan 14 16:48:29 CET 1997

I've set up a new account for mail to synthesizer-type mailing lists...
Where once I was mailing from mute at ma.ultranet.com, I now will be mailing
from brandt at fishes.ultra.net (or fishies.ultra.net, if you really want...

Now for on-topicness...

Everything is together in one, place, and on Saturday I should be able to
finish up my ASM-1 and power it up and see what happens... I'm getting
nervous now that I'm almost finished (or at least now that it's almost
assembled-- I probably won't ever be finished... 8). 

I'll put up photos and things somewhere once it's running (or at least once
it's built and I can point to it and say "Look, isn't it cool?").


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