I need latest Ensoniq EPS EPROMS

Lyons, Russell M. LyonsRM1 at aplpo5.bisdnet.jhuapl.edu
Mon Jan 13 17:57:00 CET 1997

Greetings DIY,

To make a long story even longer.....

After finding, buying and installing a SCSI interface for my EPS, I found
out that I would need the latest EPROMS  (version 2.4) so I could use
a particular SCSI drive. The interface came with EPROMS for the EPS16+,
which I can't use.
I talked to Ensoniq, I even told them I had an EPROM programmer and that
if they put the .bin files on the WEB I could just burn my own. They said   
will have to have an authorized service center order and install them, we
don't send EPROMS to end-users." I have had similar close-minded   
experiences with them in the past when trying to get schematics. And the   
authorized service center for my area, "I wouldn't let them fix my ....   

Anyway, if someone had the files, could read the files, could send me the   
would lend me the EPROMS to copy, or burn me the EPROMS, I would   
appreciate it and/or pay. I am not a list member so E-mail privately.

Russ L
russell_lyons at jhuapl.edu  
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