BA662's, System 700 doc request, 2600's

Synthfool majmoog at
Sun Jan 12 17:15:14 CET 1997

Places that appear to have some BA662's (OTA's)-

MCM 1-800-543-4330
Dalbani 1-800-325-2264
Consolidated 1-800-453-3568

I say "appear" because none of the catalogs I have for these places
specifically include the 662, though they do have large selections of other
BA products (made by Rohm?).

Roland did use the 662 in many products, but it should be noted that they
were graded and marked with a colored dot. Usually for offset, I believe.
(I have the rating criteria around here somewhere, but as I remember it,
they followed resistor colors codes and white was the best they graded to.
Replacing a 662 marked with a red dot with an orange dotted unit was
sometimes ok, but not the other way around... see?)

Polyfusion did the same with 3080's. Gold dots were better than silver dots
for them.

System 700- Anyone have the VCO trimmer locations handy? I have to tune a
system, but don't know which trimmer is which. (I may of course, have to
find out myself... the hard way!)

For a replacement 2600 S/H, you can try Phil Cirroco at CMS	610 694 8886.
I've used his S/H module and it is great. (Has better rise time and lower
droop than the stock unit.)
S/H's are pretty common designs though, you might want to homebrew your own.


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