building modular, need schematics, etc

Roger Arrick rarrick at
Sun Jan 12 07:04:48 CET 1997

I'm starting to prepare for building a modular synth and have the 
following questions.

1) Exactly where can a person get ordering information for the ASM-1 
stuff.  I've found data at:
but no ordering/pricing info.  Front panels?

2) Where can a mere-mortal buy CEM, SSM chips or should I stay away 
from them due to hard-to-get-ishness?

3) Are there public-domain schematics that are descrete (opamps, 
r,c,q,etc) and/or CEM/SSM based?

4) Are most people using 1/4" jacks for audio & control, or bannana 
jacks for cv, or what?  Is 3.5mm same as 1/8"?

5) Any benefit of shielding cv cables?  Can audio patch cables be 

6) When using 1/4" jacks for cv, don't you short the cv to ground at 
every insert?  I guess this is acceptable?

7) I've seen several CV levels used 0-5,-5-+5,0-10, etc.  What's 
good/common here?

8) What do the modular moogs use for jacks, cv levels?

9) Are schematics (books, mags) available for the Formant system?

10) Is there a source for raw keyboards (no case) ?  Prefer to buy 
straight from a manufacturer, not surplus.

100) Is this enough questions?



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