Kenton mod

Tony Clark clark at
Thu Jan 9 23:14:08 CET 1997

   I'd imagine that they'd disapprove, but I just made the one 
modification to my Pro-2 MIDI-CV converter that I've been DYING to make 
ever since I bought it:

   I moved the on/off switch from the back to the front.

   Even though there is a nice blank spot on the right hand side of the 
front panel just big enough to accomodate the switch, the biggest problem 
was the fact that they stuck the display circuit board over top of it!
   So to get around that I had to cut the circuit board in two and rewire 
it back with a ribbon cable.  Then I had to dremel a square hole in the 
front panel (okay, so I scuffed it up a little) and install the switch.
   Okay, not the simplest of mods, probably even one that most of you 
won't ever do, but hey, now I can put the darn thing in my rack now 
without the hassle of reaching around to the back side to turn it on and 
   Now if only I could get those jacks to the front side...


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