ASM-1 Current Draw?

gstopp at gstopp at
Thu Jan 9 22:25:25 CET 1997

     Just happened to have one hooked up in the lab today. Here's the 
     readings for +/- 15 volt supplies, just the ASM-1 hooked up, no panel 
     or any external components:
     Positive supply = 81.6 milliamps
     Negative supply = 87.3 milliamps
     The panel will draw additional current due to all the voltage divider 
     pots, and this will vary depending on the values of these pots.
     - Gene

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Subject: ASM-1 Current Draw?
Author:  Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com at ccrelayout
Date:    1/9/97 12:57 PM

Anyone have any knowledge about or approximation methods for the ASM-1 
power supply requirements?
- Thanks,

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