FAT MAN mods and tuning

Xyplex2 at aol.com Xyplex2 at aol.com
Wed Jan 8 21:22:02 CET 1997

I have heard you guys mention that there are several mods for the fatman.

 The only mods that I have done is a new metal case with knobs that date from
the 60's.  I did a different layout of the knobs with the biggest knob being
the cutoff.

        But who cares about that.

                 I would like to make it into the super fat man.  Right now
it sits on top of my keyboard stand with the S&S.  I have gotten lot's of
complements from it when I do shows.  I was wondering if there is anyway to
make a CV/Gate one note button that I can press that will play a single note
for the duration of the pushed time.

          I was thinking of getting 4 AA batteries and putting a pot on the
positive and a push buttton spst after the pot tto give me instant cv.  But
the gate is what I am stuck on.  Right now I use a dd5 toy drum machine to
trigger it for random bursts.


           I thought I knew about keyboards but I obviously don't
                    Reading those Klein Books.  Does anybody knowwhere to get

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