Frequency shifter patches

Grant Richter grichter at
Wed Jan 8 00:46:09 CET 1997

>Speaking of which, the EN article <<seemed>> to say that you could get a 0
>shift - but it wasn't very clear about this. I couldn't get my carrier wave
>to lock up with the S2 wave and create a true 0 Hz flat output - but I got
>close enough. The only thing is that S2a and C2a wave get really unstable
>in the 0Hz range and jump around a lot.

As I recall the near zero frequency shift was the first mono to stereo
converter. If you run the down shift to one channel and the up shift
to the other channel and set the shift frequency very low. Very interesting
in headphones, or as my buddy likes to call them "eargoggles".

Frequency shifters were (are) also used for feedback suppression in
sound reinforcement systems (Polyfusion still makes one today).
Shift frequency is like 5 Hz.

Putting a frequncy shifter in the feedback loop of a delay makes it so
each repetition gets shifted again. This sounds very cool on percussion

Just mining the garbage dump in my head.

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