An old request for drum circuits

Byron Seward Byron_Seward at
Tue Jan 7 02:08:00 CET 1997

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> I've got quite a lot of drum circuits in paper copy form, and some 
> as .GIF too. In paper I've got the TR808 and 909, and most of the 
> EM&M Syn-series, the Synbal, the Syntom, the Syndrum, the Syndrum2 
> and the synchime.
I'd be interested in having a look at some of these with a view to 
coding a computer simulation along the lines of a DrumStation. Given 
the likely limited amount of processing power in one of those it 
shouldn't be too much for a decent PC to handle...?

Check out:

It will make some nice 808/909 sounds as well as sine wave basses, 
etc.  You can stack up to 32 osc's on a single sound and then write 
out a .wav file...


Just a software guy who likes analog synths and enjoys hearing about 
their guts...

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