An old request for drum circuits

Chris Crosskey chrisc at
Sat Jan 4 21:28:00 CET 1997

Hi Hane,
I've got quite a lot of drum circuits in paper copy form, and some as .GIF
too. In paper I've got the TR808 and 909, and most of the EM&M Syn-series,
the Synbal, the Syntom, the Syndrum, the Syndrum2 and the synchime. One of
the Syndrums used EPROM's of samples, and although I haven't got any 
I know where I can get them from. It should also be possible to mod 
the circuits (to a greater or lesser degree) to handle EPROM's from 
the assortedcommercial drum-synths, like the Simmons, the Linn, the 
Drumulator (IIRC) and the Obie DSX. I've got .GIF's of the EM&M stuff 
too. I've also got an old Frontline X2 drum synth. It's a 2 Osc plus 
noise, sweep, balance, click, waveshape, filter, and pitch unit, and 
I love the sound enough to take it to pieces and see if I can 
retro-engineer the circuits. At some point in the distant future, 
I'll be re-laying some of these to correspond to my idea of good 
design, with all the pots on the board, no bracketry required, and 
all to fit in with my pet panel design that I've used on my VCO (well 
a copy of Gene's VCO with some extra options on tranny pair), my 
VCF/VCA's, ADSR's and other modules in the pipeline. I'm aiming to 
have a purely analogue modular studio bar my JD800, my FZ-1 and my 
Atari STE, so I'll need the drums sooner or later. Email me or the 
list (I access about twice a week) if you want any/all of the circuits.

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