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Tommy Killander thb at
Fri Jan 3 16:19:07 CET 1997

Hi everybody !

Beeing new to this list, I think that it's within common politeness 
to drop a few words about myself...

I work as a consultant at Sigma Product Development here in Gothenburg
and have been working for my present employer, as a software and 
electronics designer, for the last 6 years.

Since my I work with high speed digital design (FPGAs, High Perf. CPU
boards, VME etc., digital signal processing) at Sigma, I enjoy to fiddle
around with analog synthesizers in my spare time. Just to create some 
kind of knowledge-balance, I guess ;-)

I'm also a lot into, tube amps, speaker design and of course(?) techno music.

As you guys already have guessed, I'm one of those unfortunate bastards
who doesn't own a TB-303, and tries to build one.

Since I'm sure there plenty of us out there I hope to share ideas and
experiences with other who tries to build the "ultimate" 303-clone.

/Tommy Killander
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