Press n Peel PCB's

Jonathan Mayer jmayer at
Thu Oct 31 20:59:26 CET 1996

On 31 Oct 1996, jupiter4 wrote:
> Techniks Inc. Press n Peel for creating your own PCB etchings. I thought it
> was for labels at first, but its not. I thought I'd post it anyhow 

I just bought these.  I intend to give 'em a shot this weekend, I'll let
you know how well they work.  So everybody understands what they are (I
didn't understand it 'til I got it):

the idea is that you xerox an etch-resist-positive picture onto one of
these big blue plasticky things.  You then iron the design onto your
plate, and then carefully peel it off -- supposedly, the copier toner acts
as an adhesive, and so you pull away all of the spots where the toner
wasn't.  I'm a bit afraid that this won't work for some of my itty-bitty

On the other hand, I still think this beats messing around with

I'll fill everybody in on monday. 

Jonathan Mayer       jmayer at

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