30 years later...

Dan Higdon hdan at charybdis.com
Thu Oct 31 20:24:09 CET 1996

From: 	Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com[SMTP:Christopher_List at Sonymusic.Com]
>   Lastly, it would be really easy to build some kind of x-fade or flip-flop
>   or counter into your VCO so that you had an output wave form that came
>   out as half square then half saw then half tri or some combination of the
>   above (which I guess is what you want - everything done at the VCO level
>   - no other circuits). Though this would color the sound, but I don't
>   think it would change it too drasticly.

This can be a useful technique sometimes.  Grab your CZ-101 (doesn't everyone
have one?  They should! :-) and set the "second" wave to something other than
blank.  This causes exactly the effect above.  It can be subtle (or unnoticeable),
but it's definitely useful.

You could pretty easily set this up with a pulse divider and a vc switch.  I guess you
could build that into a single osc as you suggest.

Since almost all osc designs generate a simple wave and get the others from shaping,
it seems that the natural answer to getting other waveforms is waveshapers.  I haven't
built one yet, but the ones in Barry Klien''s book seem that they'd be great for getting
cool waves under voltage control.  BTW, does anyone know what that Serge patented
waveshaper does?  The one that uses an LM3900.  It looks like a VC sinewave shaper.
Can anyone with a Serge system that has this module comment on how useful it is?


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