Whatever happened to Sound Transform Systems?

John Papiewski johnp at wwa.com
Thu Oct 31 17:00:57 CET 1996

Rex does not have a web page up yet - I'm sure he has a billion other
things to attend to, as the manager of a small company. Yes, he still
builds those incredible Serge systems. He's constantly improving the
designs and doing R&D on stuff.  He may have a web page up 'sometime' -
but whether it's really all that important to his bottom line, I
couldn't say.
The other analog manufacturers I could think of, PAIA, Moog Music,
Doepfer, Moog Custom Engineering, Buchla - have web presence of some
kind.  Doepfer's just getting started.  Paia's had a decent site for
some time. Moog Music started to have one, then put up an 'under
construction' page months ago, never restored the site or improved it. 
Buchla's promoting their 'Lightning' controller, and Moog C E has a page
courtesy of the redoubtable Kevin Lightner.
Rex Probe/STS has an email address - sts at ix.netx.com I think.
There's been a lot of traffic on synth-diy on Metalphoto lately - that's
another area Sound Transform has gotten into with good results.

- John P.

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