30 years later...

Steffan Davies pinetop at dircon.co.uk
Thu Oct 31 14:17:13 CET 1996

DJMaytag wrote:
> ok. analog synths have been around for 30+ years (and i'm sure that regular
> function generators have been around longer), but why is it that we're still
> stuck with the same 4 waveforms (saw, tri, sine, pulse) from day one? isn't
> there anything else that can be done to get some 'alternative waveforms'
> (other than using ADSR and LFO modulation)? i mean, i'd much rather use the
> 4 waves than sampled waves, but isn't there anything that's been done to get
> some more timbral variation lately?

Suggestion: a bunch of sine wave oscillators set up as one virtualised
allowing you to have more or less whatever source wave form you wish. Of
course it's be even better if they had individual envelopes and


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