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Niklas Lindberg niklasl at eritel.se
Thu Oct 31 11:13:48 CET 1996

On 31 Oct, DJMaytag wrote:
> ok. analog synths have been around for 30+ years (and i'm sure that regular
> function generators have been around longer), but why is it that we're still
> stuck with the same 4 waveforms (saw, tri, sine, pulse) from day one? isn't
> there anything else that can be done to get some 'alternative waveforms'
> (other than using ADSR and LFO modulation)? i mean, i'd much rather use the
> 4 waves than sampled waves, but isn't there anything that's been done to get
> some more timbral variation lately?

Two things come to my mind: Waveform Processors and Animators

Waveform Processors could basically be described as nonlinear
amplifiers, distorting your waveform in some tweakable way. The
amplifier is set up so that it has different gains for different
DC-levels of the input signal (your basic waveform). This produces a
distorted version of your original waveform.

Animators is a bit more complex, distorting your waveform in a somewhat
random way, still without losing to much of the original pitch
information. Also the distortion isn't "static" as in the waveform

I don't know much about any of these (and I haven't listened to the
results of any of them) but there are examples of both in eg the
Electronotes PCC

/ Niklas
Niklas.Lindberg at ees.enator.se

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