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Haible_Juergen#Tel2743 HJ2743 at
Thu Oct 31 19:45:00 CET 1996

> This is both a small announcement of a new DIY page on my site-
> ...and a small test of this post even reaching the Synth DIY major domo.
> (My last two posts regarding tuning info requested for CS80 synths never
> seemed to make it.)

Kevin and DIY list,

I have problems to reach the synthfool pages at the moment, too.
But yout test message came thru.

So now: it's time for me to announce something as well:
The www site which Kevin has created for my stuff !

Kevin has done a lot of work, scanning all the photos and schematics I
have sent him, and he has put it together to a wonderful page.

* Thank you very much, Kevin!   *

I was very astonished how good the photos look like, given that they were
scanned from a tiny 13x18 cm format.
I apologize for the handwritten schematics. In fact, I have redrawn some of
them from the barely readable scribbling I used for designing the stuff, but
they are still handwritten ...
Hope you can figure component values out. Feel free to come back with
questions, ideas, any kind of feedback. The circuits are all well-tested
in my JH-3 Modular. I *hope* that I have included all the changes / bugfixes
into these schematics, but I cannot guarantee this. And maybe I have made
some stupid errors while redrawing them ... So if you feel like
building one of my circuits, be sure that you know exactly how it works
before you start. Speaking of building: Feel free to use my schematics
for your private (non-commercial) DIY projects.


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