Source for pots and jacks?

Berry R. Thrailkill bthrail at
Thu Oct 31 01:16:05 CET 1996

On Wed, 30 Oct 1996, Chris Christensen wrote:

> 	Can anyone recommend a source for potentiometers (100k linear and audio 
> taper) and 1/4" phone jacks of suitable quality (and price) for homemade 
> synth projects? 

   All Electronics has 1/4" jacks cheap, but not having seen the ones
they sell I can't personally say anything about the quality thereof.

   As for pots, you're likely to find a good deal IF you can find the kind
you need, which is a dubious proposition at best.  They don't carry many
varieties (understandable since most of their stock is surplus).

   But in general their catalog has cool stuff and it's worth checking
out.  You can request one at

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