DIY Digital synthesis, anyone?

Ray Peck rpeck at PureAtria.COM
Wed Oct 30 22:43:52 CET 1996

Steffan Davies writes:
>Has anyone on this list attempted a digital synth of their own
>contruction? I'd like to, since it makes the electronic work finite (I
>envisage running the software portion on a fast 486 PC under DOS or
>Linux) while the complexity of the synth is in software. The actual
>sound generation would be by an external A/D convertor, attached to one
>of the IO ports (would a parallel port be fast enough?)

Check SynthBuilder from CCRMA (Stanford).  It uses one or more Moto
DSP boards in a PC to do the processing, and kewl, NeXTstep graphical
software to glue together the DSP functions.  You can apparelty
emulate any analogue synth (of course without all those wonderful
non-linearities and noise).

See also the very expensive Kyma box (basically the same thing, but
$4k instead of $500, and you can't get the sources).

I'm definitely thinking of getting into SynthBuilder.

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