DIY Digital synthesis, anyone?

Doug Wellington doug at
Wed Oct 30 21:17:49 CET 1996

>   Actually, the 'C30 TI DSP chip is a full 32-bit processor.  While the 
>'C50 is only 16-bit, I don't know about the 'C40.  But in any case, if 
>bit resolution is what you want, the 'C30 clearly has the advantage.  

Motorola also has a 32 bit family of chips...  There are three different sets
of Motorola chips - they have 16, 24 and 32 bit versions.  The 56k series is
the 24 bit version.  I don't remember the numbers for the 32 or 16 bit chips...

On a slightly different note, I seem to remember talk of the GNU C++ compiler
being modified to put out DSP code, but I don't remember which chip it was set
up to work with.  Anyone know anything about that?  ...hmmm, maybe we (I?) ;-)
could modify the lcc compiler to work with DSP code...

Also, anyone have any suggestions for "cookbook" type setup info for DSP code?
I have Oppenheim's book, and it's great for learning the theory, but I'm looking
for more of a "here's how to program a reverb processor with your DSP"...


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