DIY Digital synthesis, anyone?

Joachim Verghese jocke at
Wed Oct 30 09:52:44 CET 1996

On Tue, 29 Oct 1996, Doug Wellington wrote:

> The other two manufacturers that I know of are AT&T and Texas Instruments.
> Lots of people swear that the TI stuff is the best, but Motorola seems
> to have a larger part of the market with the 56k series...

I though it was the other way round...  :)

Like Pekka, I prefer Motorola DSPs, but I've only worked with fixed-point
processors. The register structure of Motorola's 56K series is very
clear and logical, and consequently there's a higher degree of
instruction set orthogonality. Easier to program, in other words.

For applications where 16-bit precision is enough (e.g. CV generation),
my absolute favourite is Analog Devices' ADSP-2105. The register structure
of this processor is very similar to that of the 56K. ADI recently
introduced the ADSP-2104 which has half the amount of on-chip memory,
and costs only around $10.


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