DIY Digital synthesis, anyone?

Pekka Martikainen cubase at
Wed Oct 30 09:22:56 CET 1996

Tony Clark writes:

 >    I can vouch for the TI DSP chips, I did my senior research project on 
 > the simulation of non-resonant filters using the 'C30 floating point 
 > processor.  It is about mid-range in computational horsepower amongst 
 > TI's line of DSP chips.  It could handle 12th order low-high-bandpass 
 > filtering with ease.

In my opinion Texas DSPs are awful to program (with assembler) compared 
to Motorola's DSPs. Also most of Texas DSPs are only 16bit while Motorolas
are 24bits. This is why Motorolas are more often used in audio applications.

I would choose Motorola, but I agree with you that for filtering Texas DSPs
are great because they are designed for that.

Pekka Martikainen
cubase at

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