7X15 Regs. - How many Modules?

Aural Research Facilities rmiller at pangea.ca
Wed Oct 30 07:00:49 CET 1996

>Can someone tell me how many modules (roughly) I can power with a 78/7915
>based power supply?  

It depends on whether the 78x15/79x15 regulators are:  100ma, 500ma, 1000ma
or 1500ma types.  This most of the time is defined by the letter in between
the 4 digits.  Feed me the part #s and I can probably give you a good idea.

As an alternate thought on that, until last night I was powering 50 modules
in my machine, and 14 modules in Mark Pulver's machine, from a 1500ma power
supply. (1.5amps on  + and -)
I have recorded ma values from quite a few modules though.  If you need the
data I can post it.


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