ASM VCO Question

Paul.Maddox at Paul.Maddox at
Tue Oct 29 11:10:21 CET 1996

Dear all,

	Im building Genes VCO and Im 
wondering if it would be possible to 
replace the integrating cap (2.2nF) 
with a 330pF therefore running the
VCO aproximatly 64 times faster.
	I am aware that the ouput 
opamps will need to have a higher 
slew rate than the orignal ones, other
than this fact, is there any reason
why it wont work?.. The LM311 should
be fast enough to cope...


	Has anyone got a Tri/square
VCo circuit that will run at up to 
about 500Khz?


	Paul Maddox

"T T F N" - Tigger
Paul.Maddox at

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